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About our Oyster Farm

We bring passion and science to our craft

Nature takes it from there

Our story

Amalia was just a toddler when we first started farming oysters on Mobjack Bay, Virginia. Her cheeks dripped with brine as she stood on the beaching slurping oysters freshy plucked from the Bay. The gravitation-pull of Jersey roots brought us home and the farm was restarted on the southern shores of the Delaware Bay on the Cape May Peninsula.

At first just a side hustle juggled alongside of kids and a research career, the farm organically grew over the course of a decade along with Amalia and her younger brother Gabriel. 


Working to develop a more robust business, entrepreneur Ed Pappas came onboard as a partner in 2018. The farm has now taken shape as a focal business and passion. We love what we do and we're always excited to share our oysters with our amazing community of restaurants and supporters.


Our place and practice

Sweet Amalia Oyster Farm is located on the Cape May Peninsula, New Jersey. Our hand-raised oysters are grown in the cool, clean waters of the southern Delaware Estuary in an area known locally as the Cape Shore Flats. 


Using European rack and bag culture methods, we work with Mother Nature to ensure every one of our oysters is the best it can be.  Our methods are environmentally sound and our oysters provide many benefits to the ecosystem, actually making the bay healthier for man and mollusc alike.


We're proud of our sustainable and ecologically beneficial production methods. We encourage our chefs, their teams, and oyster lovers to get to know us. We love sharing our story and our farm.


Our oysters

Sweet Amalia oysters have a distinctive flavor, presenting a

bright burst of salt while enabling hints of earthiness, minerality, and sweetness to prevail.​ Perfectly balanced flavor and meats that are consistently plump and buttery. Shells are clean and strong.

We hand-harvest our oysters and directly deliver the freshest product possible from tide-to-table. Because our focus is local, we often deliver the same day we harvest.  


​Sweet Amalia Oysters can be purchased and enjoyed at our farmstand—Sweet Amalia Market and Kitchen and select

Philadelphia and Jersey shore area restaurants.

... it's a pretty special oyster,
the critics agree

Kevin Sintumuang
Esquire Magazine

“Slurp those oysters slowly, appreciate how they are pristine, yet wild and buttery and,  yes sweet and maybe like nothing you've had before."

Ruth Reichl
James Beard Award winning food writer

"I loved these oysters. They're the crispest sweetest East Coast oysters I've ever eaten."

Pete Wells
New York Times 

“@sweetamaliaoysters are deep-cupped beauties dripping with brine, but still delicate in flavor.

No mignonette or lemons for me. thanks.”

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